Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK) and Nelson Mandela(NM)

MLK and NM both wanted freedom for Africa. They were both in jail for fighting for what they believe in. NM was in jail for a long time whlie in Africa. MLK was in jail for a couple of days.MLK is famous for his “I Have a Dream” speech. NM is famous for becoming president of South Africa after 28 years in prison. He then united the country from apartheid. In the movie” Invitcus” he used rugbee to united his country.The poem, called “Invitcus”, is written by Ernest Henley. NM wrote “A Long Walk to Freedom.”

Heros, anywhere,anytime

Just like King Arthur, there are heros like him today. But, what makes a hero? There are many opinions on what makes a hero. My opinion is that a hero should be: brave, honest, loyal, nice, polite, not afraid of anything, can do anything he/she thinks of, smart, doesn’t judge,wise, and strong.
Anyone can be a hero. Some people think it’s policemen, firemen, or even a hobo. My modern hero is a preacher. A preacher teaches people about god and the bible. The reason I think that is because that if we didn’t have preachers then we wouldnt be able to learn about god. Plus preachers are the people to go to when your getting married.  Also it’s because of preachers that the world is trying to be more peaceful.

A Poem, then a Movie

“Invitcus” is a poem written by Ernest Henley. It was turned into a movie. Both the poem and movie are about how Nelson Mandela changed history in Africa. In the movie he used rugby to stop apartheid. Also, in the movie, he said the whole poem a couple of times but other times he said the last two sentences,”I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” Mandela probably wanted the movie to be called “Invitcus” because of the poem.

Dean Koontz

 Dean R Koontz is 65 years old. Koontz was born in Everett, Pennsylvania.  Koontz writes science fiction, horror, mystery, and satire books. He has written over 100 books but the book I’m reading is Twilight Eyes. He wrote the book in 1985 and was reissued in1987. Now he is living in California with his wife, Gerda, and their dog, Trixie.

Fall Break

As soon as school is over it’s fall beak time!!! 🙂 For 2 days of fall break I’m going 2 6 flags with Liela!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! I’m sad about it though. the reason is that my house that i lived in till i was 3 is too far for us to go see it and i dont remember it an din the pictures u can’t see that much :(. Anyway for the rest of the week I’m going to….stay home and annoy my friends and family. Lucky them. 🙂

Halloween! :)

I can’t believe Halloween is getting closer. I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! It’s my favorite holiday. I’m going probably as a zombie. Comment if u read this and put what your going as for Halloween please. Also I got a challenge: try to scary me. It’s hard to scary me. 🙂

Summer Reading: A Wrinkle in Time

For summer I read  A Wrinkle in Time btw thanks Liela for letting me borrow the book. In the book a girl named Meg, 13, and  her family is wondering where her father is. He has been gone for about 2 years. one day her little brother. Charles Wallace who is 6, made friends with 3 older. ladies. Their names are Mrs. Which, Mrs.Who, and  Mrs. Whatsit. While Meg and  Charles Wallace was in the woods going to go meet them they met someone that’s goes to Meg’s school.  His name is Calvin. Calvin is 14. Later that night after saying hi to Mrs.Which, Mrs.Who, and Mrs.Whatsit, Calvin came home with  Meg and Charles Wallace. While Calvin and Meg were taking a walk, Charles Wallace and The 3 ladies told them that they were going to find her and Charles Wallace’s father. Turns out he was in another universe. he was on a planet that played with Charles Wallace’s brain so for Meg , Her dad , and Calvin had to leave him there for a couple of days because IT was starting to mess with their brain also.Meg came back from a planet where creatures took care of her, her dad, and Calvin. Meg saved Charles Wallace and they all went home where everyone was happy to see her dad.